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About the ACT Health Services Commissioner

The ACT Health Services Commissioner is one of three Commissioners within the ACT Human Rights Commission.

Mary DurkinThe current Health Services Commissioner is Mary Durkin.

The Commissioner's mandate is to consider complaints about the provision of health services and services for older people, and complaints about contraventions of the privacy principles or of a consumer's right of access to his or her health records under the Health Records (Privacy and Access) Act 1997.

The Commissioner's role is also to promote:

  • improvements in the provision of health services and services for older people
  • the rights of users of health services and services for older people
  • an awareness of the rights and responsibilities of users and providers of health services and services for older people.

The Health Professionals Act 2004 involves the Commissioner in working with Health Professions Boards to maintain minimum standards in service provision and to protect public safety by ensuring health service providers meet suitability to practice requirements.

To make a complaint, visit the how to make a complaint section for information.

You will also need to complete a Health Services complaint form:

Health Services complaint form (word)

Health Services compaint form (PDF)

As well as the Health Services Commissioner, there are two other Commissioners within the Commission:

  • Alasdair Roy: Children & Young People Commissioner
  • Helen Watchirs: Human Rights & Discrimination Commissioner

The Commission operates from a model of collegiality, and does not have an administrative head.  All three Commissioners have equal seniority and decision making authority within the Commission.


Last updated 09 Mar 2013